I was assigned the project of redesigning the home page of Coco Canary Consulting LLC, an evaluation and communications firm that aims to improve social justice for businesses in the Saint Paul, Minnesota area.

The website’s primary focus is to educate the user about Coco Canary’s services and benefits, and to guide the user toward the consultation process. However, it falls short in both content and UI design when presenting users with easily understandable information.

In this one week agile sprint, I aimed to address these issues and create a site in Figma that was a better reflection of Coco…

Ecostylist is an item curation site that allows users to browse eco-friendly, sustainable clothing items for men. It originally offered a simple styling service that involved a phone call with a personal stylist. Ecostylist has a low cost-to-benefit ratio, and is not user-intuitive or memorable. It is also unclear what services the website offers.

Our team worked to create simple, personalized experience in Ecostylist that allows the user to take a style quiz that assigns a stylist tailored to personal taste. Our goal was to simplify the site, and enforce typical buying patterns and habits through suggested item curation.



Corona diaries is a desktop and mobile site used to record short audio clips of personal experiences during the Coronavirus pandemic. Audio clips are placed on an interactive map in which users can listen to any shared recording around the world. This site was designed with the intention of facilitating storytelling for remote teachers and students, but can be used by anyone who wishes to tell their story during the pandemic.

It’s not unusual to find yourself vexed by shopping for cruelty-free or vegan items. We all set out with the intention to make conscious decisions in our daily lives, even if you aren’t restricted by diet or religion. But often don’t have the time to research our purchases. Or, we find ourselves in a Googling spiral and divert to our usual choices.


Those who wish to purchase cruelty-free items often find it inconvenient and time consuming to research items that are ethically sourced while shopping because of inconsistent labeling and lack of resources available to research products.

Jillian Maniscalco

UX Designer, Illustrator from Atlanta, Georgia

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